Miller Park….here we come!


Im going to Miller Park this season! April 10th against St. Louis. Coinsidentally, that game is at 2:00 central time on FOX. Also, I recently found out where Im going to be sitting. Go to the link given below and go to section 338 of Miller Park, thats approximately where we will be sitting.


Its a nice view too! Also, its a good spot for catching foul balls. So, ought to be fun!

One bad thing is that there is a “slim” chance I might not see Albert Pujols at that game. He strained his back a few days ago and had an MRI on it Tuesday. When I say slim, I mean almost “the thickness of one hair chance”. Im gonna love it at Miller Park. Also, there is a chance I might go to one of the games in the Brewers-Mariners series. That would be great because I get to see Ichiro and Ken Griffey Jr. Griffey is probably my favorite non-Brewer player in the MLB. Also, any of you on Skype? Just wondering.


A great season has come to an end

our season has come to an end.

Our Durand girls team lost to Altoona 40-37. It was a great run. At one point, we were down 32-24, and we went on a RAMPAGE! We went on an 11-0 run, but Altoona came back to score in the late seconds. It was a great season, and I feel thankful to be a fan. So, thanks girls! You gave a true team effort, and that is greatly appreciated here in Durand, Wisconsin. Also, a farewell to seniors Sam Schoeder and Courtney Brusoe. Sam will be geatly missed, but life must move on. Also, at least we have Teisha Wegner, who is a geat friend of mine. We have always been friends, and we always have fun. Though Im taller than her. 🙂


Durand girls basketball team

Just like last year, we are close on going to state this year. I went to the game in Barron (against Barron) and it was amazing. That place was loud, along with myself. I rarely talk in school, so Im suprised I even opened my mouth at the game. We beat the Barron Golden Bears 59-47. Next, we play the Altoona Rails in Chetek, Wisconsin. The game starts at 1:00, and the fan bus leaves at 10:45 a.m. So, it ought to be very interesting how this game turns out. Also, I just thought I would show you guys this:

Barron, Wisconsin:


Chetek, Wisconsin



I just want to show you how far of a trip these are.

Gonna be fun!


Unsung heroes in the field

You all know that there are some players who break out but are not expected to.  Us Brewers know all about that. Prince wasnt expected to hit his first home run against the Twins in 2005 while pinch-hitting. Casey McGehee wasnt expected to be the full=time starting third baseman. Everyone knows that some guys on each and every MLB team will play better than expected for that upcoming season. So, as I sit here, relaxing in a recliner, watching Spring Training baseball with the White Sox and Cubs, I realize that some of the guys for each team werent even expected to make that squad. Sure, they may be cut, but that experience gives them motivation for a future date. Here are some guys to watch for the upcoming season.


Joe Inglett  MIL

Jim Edmonds  MIL

Bill Hall  BOS (Still my favorite player, even though he was traded away from the Brewers)

Marco Scutaro  BOS

Bobby Scales  CHC

Mike Rivera NYY

Brandon Allen ARZ

Joaquin Arias TEX


Any disagreements or suggestions? comment.


guestimations: big name players

As many of you well know, Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Ryan Howard and others are expextedc to have monster seasons. Some may, some may not. The question is: How well will they turn out? We all know that “Prince Albert in a Can”, aka Albert Pujols,can knock it out within a mater of seconds. While Ryan Howard can suprise you sometimes. AROD is well near his end. In my opinion, Alex is D-O-N-E! His career statistically has dropped massicly over the years. He had 54 HR in ’07, then decreased to 35 in ;08, then 30 in ’09. What will we see this year. Now to one of the greatest shortstops of all time, even though I hate the Yankees, Derek Jeter. He is not done yet, and wont be for a while. So, here are the projected stats for the big name guys.

A. Pujols: 43 HR, .308 AVG., 117 RBI

A. Rodriguez: 25 HR, .298 AVG., 102 RBI

D. Jeter: 11 HR, .325 AVG., 98 RBI

P. Fielder: 38 HR, .305 AVG., 118 RBI

R. Braun: 34 HR, .301 AVG., 102 RBI

R. Howard: 49 HR, .290 AVG., 116 RBI

Ha. Ramirez: 20 HR, .347 AVG., 98 RBI


Also, I now have a laptop. It is a Dell Inspiron 1764 with a 17″ screen and a built in webcam. Sweet!



Preview: NL Central

It has been a bit since I have wrote on here, but lets get back to some news:

For this segment, I will be reviewing the National League Central teams and observe their progress this offseason thus far.

St. Louis Cardinals: Ok, they are still a good team even without Holliday. They got powerhouses in Adam Wainwright, and Chris Carpenter. Joel Pinerno will he a huge loss for them, and they are not sure if John Smoltz will return for one more great season. Prince Albert in a Can will be unleased for another great season.

Milwaukee Brewers: I love my brewcrew, but I have to admit, the offseason has been a bit dry for them. Sure, they got Greg Zaun, and LaTroy Hawkins, but I was for sure they would go after John Lackey. Lackey will do great in Beantown by the way. Randy Wolf was probably the only good player we got. Wolf, coming from the Los Angeles Dodgers, was 11-7 last year with a 3.23 ERA. Plus, some of the guys may know a bit about him, because he used to pitch for the Astros. Anyway, some big loses for the Brewers were Jason Kendall to the Royals, and Mike Cameron to the Red Sox. Cam-cam will do good, but not great in Beantown.

Houston Astros: Despite losing Miguel Tejada to his former team, the Baltimore Orioles, the ‘stros still got the Big Puma Lance Berkman, and El Cabio Carlos Lee. Their version of the 1-2 -punch. We got the real 1-2-punch in Braun and Fielder. Plus, I think Michael Bourn will be RE-Bourn with a breakout season. In my opinion, I think he will be in the top 5 in stolen bases, and who knows, maybe he will even lead it.

Chicago Cubs: Even though I absolutly HATE the Cubbies, they got a handful of good players. Derek Lee, Alfonso Soriono, Geovany Soto, and Carlos Zambrano are probably the only GOOD players on that cruddy team.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Personally, the Pirates will rise up to the Major League level this year. Despite losing Adam LaRoche to the DiamondBacks, they still got Andrew McCutchin. The only thing holding me back from saying they will be good this year is that they are basically lead entirely my McCutchin. If they can get at least one legit starter, and maybe a good infielder or two, they could be in the Wild Card race before we know it.

Cincinatti Reds: Man, these guys SUCK! They barely have one good player in Brandon Phillips. Sure, Joey Votto is a good player, but he needs to improve his discipline at the plate, and his fielding at first. Aaron Harang is no longer good, and Bronson Arroyo is not even average anymore. These guys will be a stinker this year.

Anyway, here is my projected NL Central standings:

1. Brewers

2. Cardinals

3. Cubs

4. Pirates

5. Astros

6. Reds

Any disagreements? Comment and lay down your opinion.



One more thing:

My dad:

Ricky Joseph Brantner

August 6th, 1957 – December 31st, 2009




J.J. Hardy was traded today to the Minnesota Twins for Carlos Gomez. WOW. I never saw that coming here in Brewtown. Oh, well. At least we get a speedy potential Gold Glover in Gomez. Also, it resolves our infielder problem. We had Felipe Lopez, J.J. Hardy, Alcides Escobar, Craig Counsell, Rickie Weeks, and Casey McGehee. We knew that one had to go, and I suspected Lopez. It will be hard to see JJ in another uniform, but we are better off, and he is better off. Plus, JJ will be excited to play in a BRAND NEW stadium. Good-bye JJ, and have a great career, and maybe our paths will cross again someday (hope so!).



Hitting Coach….Advantage or not??

Mark McGwire, one of the greatest sluggers of all time, and once had 70 homers in one year, has now become the St. Louis Cardinals hitting coach. I am not quite sure if that will be good or not. Well, he was a great home run hitter, and Albert Pujols will be even greater with him there (If that is even possible), but on the other hand, great players rarely make great coaches. Look at Bart Starr, he was a great Packers QB in the 60’s, but when he was a coach, he was simply terrible! So, it could go either way. I think it will be sort of a downgrade because he was a .263 lifetime hitter……….not very good. Also, he struck out 1596 times, including 159 times in 1997. So, again, it could go either way. What do you think?


game 6 postponed

Special News Bulliton:

Game 6 of the ALCS was postponed for Sunday, while Game 7 will still be on Monday. At this point, I think the Angels could make the World Series, but it will have to be a combo of great pitching, especially relief pitching, and an offense who gets the hits when they need them. Chone Figgins, and Torii Hunter are capable of doing just that. Also, I have been VERY sick lately. I have a cold, at least I am sure. I missed school on Friday, but not because of my sickness, I had a doctor’s appointment, and an eye exam. I may need new glasses next week. My nose is stuffy, my arm aches from the flu shot, and I sometimes get chills. I would not be suprised if I missed Monday, even though I hope not. Anyway, back to baseball:

Through this offseason, I will start a segment called “Fave 5”. I will name a list of the top 5 players of all time, active players, pitchers, catchers, etc. So, without further delay, here is the first “Fave 5”. This week, it is my top 5 pitchers of all-time, and you all may be suprised who is on top. Comment if you have a problem with the Ranks:

Top 5 pitchers of all time:

1. Nolan Ryan

2. Cy Young

3. Randy Johnson

4. Trevor Hoffman

5. Roger Clemens




Only one more month, and an important day will occur. On November 17th, I will turn 14! Wooooooo-Hooooooo! I already have a cell phone. My mom says it is an “early b-day present”. I will not reveal my number unless you request. If you do request, you would have to email me at Also, back to the birthday, I share a birthday with an idol of mine…..

……Ryan Braun!

Yes, his birthday is November 17th, 1983, while mibne is November 17th, 1995. A 12 year split. So, when I was born, he was just a bit younger than me now, Cool! Also, back to baseball. The Red Sox were swept by the Angels. The thing that pulled the Red Sox to “the bottom of the ocean” was the pitching. Many injuries. Wakefield, Dice-K was a bit hurt. They need a good catcher if V-Market does not come back. I dont want Varitek starting. His hitting is worth crap! Sorry if I offend any sox fan (Julia), but Varitek is done with. I just hope the Brewers can improve over the off-season. Rumor has it that Brandon Webb does not want to be back with the Diamondbacks. Sweet. He has always been my favorite pitcher. Hey Webby, come to Milwaukee, great summer weather, great ballpark, and we REALLY need a high-caliber starter here in Brewtown. Bran-don-Webb!!  Bran-don Webb!! One more thing to add, if I do tell you my cell phone number as mention earlier, ONLY TEXT, dont call me.